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December 2002

All Aboard - Destination Unknown By Virginia Bickel

 This story takes four children: Amanda, Peter, Laura and Jason from New York City to a small town in west Texas and describes good times and bad times as they grow from childhood to adulthood


Virginia Bickel's newest book Come September  has just been released. Order it now!

  In Virginia Bickel?s second book, she turns from historical fiction to mystery. Come September is the story of Daniel Lindsey?s quest to identify the young woman found unconscious in front of his store, and to find out what she was doing on Mesa Street, in El Paso, Texas.  She brings to this genre her skill with character development and dialogue. You won't be disappointed.

Dr. Sarah Barlow






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Continuing the tutorial on growing standard fuchsias - Part 6: Things are very quiet in the greenhouses now. The standard fuchsia plants are only just ticking over, we aim to keep them this way until the days begin to lengthen. If we fed them and encouraged new growth in the lower light levels we have at this time of year, the growth they made would be pale, weak and spindly. Just what we don't want. When the light improves in late February and March is the time to feed them and encourage sturdy new growth.

I'd like once again to emphasise that we should be very careful with the watering during the winter months. If a plant does get extremely dry, we should only give it a small amount of water. It is extremely easy to give it that little bit more than it can handle, and waterlog the root-ball. So when we water, we take great care!

In the damp, closed atmosphere we have in the greenhouses we also need to keep watch for dead leaves and branches on the plants, these can soon lead to the onset of mildew and botrytis. So we go round the plants regularly and check them over for dead or decaying material and remove it. A little care taken at this time of year will ensure that we have healthy, good looking plants for next year's shows.

We're coming up to the end of 2002, and I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all, each and every one of you that visits this page, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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