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All Aboard - Destination Unknown By Virginia Bickel

 This story takes four children: Amanda, Peter, Laura and Jason from New York City to a small town in west Texas and describes good times and bad times as they grow from childhood to adulthood


Virginia Bickel's newest book Come September  has just been released. Order it now!

  In Virginia Bickel?s second book, she turns from historical fiction to mystery. Come September is the story of Daniel Lindsey?s quest to identify the young woman found unconscious in front of his store, and to find out what she was doing on Mesa Street, in El Paso, Texas.  She brings to this genre her skill with character development and dialogue. You won't be disappointed.

Dr. Sarah Barlow


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Alfie Geeson
Author and grower
This is a shot of me taken near the castle in Disney's Magic Kingdom, Orlando Florida, in December 1999. I had a wonderful time over there, and would like to return sometime in the future.

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Kathryn Geeson (nee Yarrington)
My Late Wife
This is a photo of Kathy and I after we'd dined in the Simply Scottish restaurant in Jedburgh, Scotland. Kathy was visiting England during August 2002, and this picture was taken on the 28th August on one of the many trips we took around the British Isles. The evening was a happy and joyous occasion for us both. I'd had a couple of whiskeys over the eight and proposed to Kathy, she must have had three over the eight, because she accepted! We were married on the 3rd of March, 2003 in Milledgeville, Georgia. We had a wonderful marriage and I loved her very much. Unfortunately Kathy passed away on 11th March 2006 from the effects of breast cancer, which had metastasized to her spine. She is sorely missed.

May6.jpg (59683 bytes)

This is me again
This is a shot of my house taken from the street on the 3rd of May 2000. My home is the ground floor of the ivy-covered building. I am to be seen standing under the lovely Japanese Flowering Cherry that grows next to a Mountain Ash in my front garden



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