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I had great success at the Ashfield Flower Show on the 9th and 10th August, this year, being awarded prizes for:

1st, 2nd and 3rd in  class 25, 'One plant standard in any size pot'.

1st, 2nd and 3rd in class 21 'One plant in a pot over 5.1/2 inches. Maximum 9 inches'

2nd and 3rd in class 23, '1 plant in 5" maximum'

1st and 2nd in class 34 'One pot geranium'.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the winning plants on the staging. The first one is of the winning display of standards in class 25. From the left they are: Herald, Hawkshead and Waveney Sunrise.

This second picture is of the winning plants in class 21. These were two plants of Herald that were judged 1st and 2nd, and one of Gorden Thorley, that was 3rd. The plants of Herald have done very well this year and seem to have responded well to the very hot conditions we've had in the UK this year.





The Moorgreen Country Show was held on the weekend of 24th and 25th August 2003. Plants were staged and judged on the 23rd and a preview evening was held that night.

I was a little late getting there, due to circumstances beyond my control, and when I entered the tent, I was confronted by a sea of beautiful, well-grown fuchsia plants. Uh. oh... I thought, looks as though we have a real competition here today.

The fuchsia section was pretty well full up and I had to ask the stewards to move some entries to make space for my large plants. I helped them move some along the staging into new positions and carried mine in from the van. I knew they would have to be well presented to stand any chance of winning against this high caliber opposition, so I took my time making sure that every flower, every twig and every leaf was showing to it's best advantage. At 1.30pm we were asked to leave the marquee so that the judges could begin their task.

The presentation and viewing evening started at 7.30pm and I again arrived a little late. I was so pleased to see the red card against my entries. I had been awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd in class 84 for my three standard fuchsias, and 1st prize in the prestigious class 84 for my large plant of Star of Pink. I'd taken five plants to the show and won prizes with four of them, that can't be bad, can it? The first picture is of me standing against my winning standards in class 84 'One Standard in a pot', and the second is of my winning plant in class 80, 'One fuchsia in any size pot'.


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